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Buying A “New Build” Home

It’s truly exciting to buy a brand new home, especially one built to some of your own specifications! But it’s important to remember that buying a home, even “just” buying a new home from a builder, is an enormous personal and financial decision. A decision that requires careful consideration of options, skilled negotiation in price, and expert negotiation of contract clauses that affect the long term costs of your investment.

Get Your Real Estate Agent First

Just as with any home purchase, the most important first step when buying a “new build” home is to find a qualified real estate agent to represent your needs. Since Exclusive Buyer Agents represent only home buyers, never sellers or builders, we can offer a higher level of savings, selection and dedication than you can expect to find from traditional real estate agents who often have the needs of the seller or builder in mind.

We Don’t Cost You Anything

Since there is already a broker fee included in the cost of a new home, it doesn’t cost you anything to have an Exclusive Buyer Agent work with you in finding, purchasing, and financing a new home. If you choose not to use a real estate agent, the builder simply keeps the broker fee, because they are not legally allowed to give you any cash back if you are not licensed as a real estate agent.

Furthermore, at Buyer’s Resource Realty Services, we make sure that any agent incentives or perks are given to you or taken off of the final contract price.

What Our Exclusive Buyer Agents Offer

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