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Customer Testimonials

We’ve got a great history of happy customers! Here are just a few of the comments we’ve received over the years:

Christopher and Francine G. of Lewis Center
I can’t tell you how delighted my wife and I are that we chose Buyer’s Resource Realty Services to help us with the purchase of our house last July. We can only hope that this letter can serve as a reference to any potential Buyer’s Resource client. You can definitely be assured we will try and spread the word on the professionalism and experience that you and Buyer’s Resource Realty Services brought to the closing table.

We are also delighted to let you know that the custom Buyer’s Resource contract not only stood up in court, but allowed first-time buyers like my wife and I to have peace of mind knowing that this contract was written to protect us. Please find enclosed a copy of the judgment showing how your contract allowed us to recover our damages from the builder. In fact, the Delaware County magistrate actually said in court “Maybe this provision (Paragraph No. 3) should be in the Columbus Board of Realtors contract”!

Once again thank you for your time, dedication and experience. It is definitely a rare experience to find a company like Buyer’s Resource Realty Services nowadays.

Gratefully yours,
Mr. Christopher G.
Dr. Francine G.

Craig D. of the Italian Village area of Columbus
Thanks again for not only your help, but also your kind help throughout the process…you’ve always been one of those great examples in my mind that “nice guys finish first”! I’ll keep working on my former neighbor to give you a call!

Multiple time Buyer-Client and multiple referrals to Buyer’s Resource Realty Services.

Rick and Jenni Z. of Dublin

Dear Andy,

Dick and I wanted to take the time to express our thanks and formally recognize the efforts of your company. Due to unfortunate home buying experiences of our friends and families, we were very concerned about our first home buying experience prior to being introduced to your organization. After being formally introduced to Buyer’s Resource Realty Services, our fears began to diminish. Rick and I were impressed with the professionalism, preparation, honesty, concern for the interests of the client, and level of commitment your organization exhibited.

We felt extremely comfortable and had fun working with your organization throughout our home selection process. We feel we received a thorough education from the buyer’s perspective, which enabled us to make well-informed decisions. In fact, we were very satisfied with all of the companies that were recommended by your company.

We truly appreciate the efforts put forth in helping us with this very important life event. Buyer’s Resource clearly took the extra steps necessary to ensure a successful home buying experience for us. You did a fabulous job!

We most definitely intend to use Buyer’s Resource Realty Services for future home purchases and would highly recommend your organization to anyone considering a new home. We would be happy to serve as references for prospective clients of Buyer’s Resource Realty Services.


Rick and Jenni Z.