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Now you can learn the “secrets” known to select real estate insiders. Avoid overpaying… whether it’s a “buyer’s market” or a “seller’s market”. Learn why underpaying for the wrong home can be worse. Find out about what an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent is and how to use one for free. Our guide, “How to Buy a Home Like a Pro” has helped others like you save real money, time and headaches finding the right home!

Here are just some of the secrets you’ll learn:

  • How to get the best price (whether a buyer’s or seller’s market). Proven negotiating techniques.
  • Buying quality: A key area most buyers overlook.
  • Best real estate web sites (and they’re not the ones you think!)
  • Real estate contracts: Avoiding expensive traps.
  • Why many inspectors miss costly problems.
  • New Homes: “Preferred/Avoid” builder lists.
  • Exciting new money-saving loans.
  • Renters: Can you afford not to buy?
  • The Seven Questions you must ask before you sign anything!
  • Why you should never call the agent who listed the house for sale!

Why is this valuable information offered to you FREE?

It’s our business to get you the best home, in the best condition, at the best price. Really. We have always worked for home buyers only. We don’t sell anything. Our proven techniques and 100% loyalty to buyers have saved others thousands on the purchase of their home. And we help you save without cutting corners.

We help you buy a quality home! An educated home buyer is our best friend. The more you know about real estate, the more you’ll demand the protections that only an Exclusive Buyer Agency can provide. Other companies may claim that they are “just as good” as an Exclusive Buyer’s Agency, but none can match our proven record of savings or our written guarantee. Don’t buy your home in the dark.

Andrew Show

National Educator, Speaker, Author, Broker