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Seller Preparation Tips

Tips For Selling Your Home

As Exclusive Buyer’s Agents we know the top listing agents for sellers in the Metro Columbus, Ohio area.  Let us show you how the top 10% of the 7,000 area real estate licensees sell 90% of the homes!  Call us, because we can also help you receive a discount on your sales commission.!

Preparation Tips for Selling Your Current Home

There is no question that selling your home can be a nerve racking, high stress and exhausting experience. Last minute calls, inconvenient showings, price adjustments, and the uncertainties of being stuck with a house that doesn’t sell can all take their toll. The vast majority of home selling nightmares are caused by a lack of knowledge and/or hiring the wrong sellers agency.

ASKING PRICING – Do some research to discover what homes in your neighborhood have been selling for. Compare yours to recently sold homes and set your price accordingly. For example, if you have more square footage, a bigger yard, a new roof or other such features, perhaps you can ask a little more than the average. Leave room for negotiation, unless, of course, you live in one of the hotter real estate markets of Metro Columbus. One of the questions you may be asked is, “How did you arrive at your asking price?”  Be prepared.

FLYER – When prospective buyers come to look at your home be sure there are copies of your flyer available, plus anything else you have put together. Perhaps a list of schools and businesses in your area, a local map if they are from out of town, and the contact info for the utility companies. What makes your neighborhood a place the potential buyer would want to live in?

PAINTING – Make sure your house has fresh paint on the exterior as well as the interior. Do a thorough examination of the outside, does any wood need to be replaced prior to painting? How about the inside, are there nicks in the walls from children or moving furniture. Do the necessary prep work prior to painting, such as patch-work, stain removal or vacuuming. Should you decide to paint inside use a quality primer coat if your walls are an unusual color – you might love it but make sure you consider painting every wall an off-white or neutral shade before showing your home.

LANDSCAPING – How does your yard look if you are driving down your street? Is it attractive? Are the bushes and trees neatly trimmed? Has the grass been edged? A neatly edged and cut lawn looks great! It doesn’t take long to get your lawn in order, and its good exercise. If you don’t have the time hire a professional.

SHOWING – You need to be ready to show your home at any time throughout the day, which means keeping it presentable at all times. Clean up papers laying around on your desk or the tables; make sure your kitchen is always clean; make sure your floors are clean. Check your closets and bring some order to them if they’re cluttered. If you have a garage it might be time to clean out the things you no longer need. Is there a place to park? If not, move some vehicles around.

CLEANLINESS – Time for a thorough cleaning. Even the cleanest homes might need a little extra before showings. Look into the corners, both up and down, see any cobwebs? How about the light fixtures, how long since they’ve been cleaned? What about the baseboards? How about the draperies? Again, if you don’t have time to get your home in tip-top shape, you need to hire a professional.

AROMA THERAPY – No, we aren’t suggesting you break out the herbs and incense. Try this: walk outside, take a few deep breaths, observe what you smell, hopefully flowers and fresh cut grass. Whatever the smell, stay there for a minute or two to cleanse your smelling senses. Now return to the inside of your house and take a deep breath with your mouth closed. What do you smell? If it isn’t fresh, do something. There are countless products on the market today to keep your home smelling good, go get some. While it is a subtle observance, it can make a huge first impression and a big difference in your home’s marketability.

IMPROPER PRICING – Set the price too high and it will not sell. It becomes, what real estate agents call a “stale listing.” On the other hand, price it too low and you may give away thousands of dollars. Either way you lose. Setting the appropriate price involves the evaluation of numerous different factors…and it’s critical!

BAD HOUSEKEEPING – The prospective homebuyer’s first impression is the most important. An unbelievable amount of home sales have been lost to unmowed lawns, cluttered rooms, bad stains, dirty kitchens and bathrooms, unpleasant odors, etc. Imagine you are the buyer and clean your home from top to bottom…military style.

FAILURE TO MAKE REPAIRS – Often even minor improvements will yield as much as three to five times the repair cost at the time of sale. There are literally thousands of homes for sale, and buyers buy what they see. Seemingly small fix-up jobs can make the difference between a closed sale at top dollar and a home that languishes on the market for months on end.

POOR SHOWING TECHNIQUES – Your home should be neat and clean, but that’s just the beginning. There are lots of little details that make a big difference. For example, turn your oven on “warm” (low setting) and put a dish with a tablespoon of Vanilla in the oven. It will make your kitchen smell delightful and create a positive atmosphere. Knowing exactly what to say and do when buyers come through your home is crucial.

RELYING ONLY ON TRADITIONAL SALES METHODS – Sellers who are innovative and willing to offer new strategies of attracting homebuyers will always outperform those who rely on traditional methods. Today’s market demands around the clock advertising exposure, and response-generating marketing techniques.

MAKING SELLING DECISIONS BASED ON EMOTION – You must realize that selling your home is a dollars and cents business transaction. Don’t let your emotional ties to your home affect your judgment. Remember, purchasers are not buying your home, they are buying a house to make into their home.

FAILURE TO UNDERSTAND MARKET CONDITIONS – Just like the stock market, there are current market conditions for houses as determined by supply and demand. Many buyers shop dozens of homes comparing values, so it is very difficult to find a buyer willing to pay more than current market value. No single person, firm, or agent has any control over the market!

WASTING TIME WITH UNQUALIFIED PROSPECTS – Countless hours of valuable time can be wasted showing and negotiating with “buyers” who can’t buy no matter how much they love your house. Buyers should be pre-approved for a loan before you begin dealing with them.