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A Home to Sell First in Columbus, Ohio

I’m already a homeowner and I need to sell my home in order to buy a new one. Can you help?

An Exclusive Buyer’s Broker only represents home buyers and does not represent sellers. These brokerages, however, have had dealings with literally hundreds of sellers agents and know which ones will aggressively market your home and provide excellent seller representation. We can provide MLS statistical data to help you decide who to interview to sell your home.

What about referral fees?
It is common practice in the real estate industry for real estate brokers to pay a finders fee (or referral fee), to other licensed real estate brokers when a lead, customer, or client is furnished. The amount of this fee, mutually agreed upon by the brokers involved, should be disclosed to you by your broker.

Since the Spring of 2007 we have given the referral fees back to our Buyer-Clients to help them with their equity!  Want to know more?

Note that we also pay a referral fee to licensed brokers who refer a buyer to us as well! The point is that since virtually all licensed brokers will gladly pay a finder’s fee to another licensed real estate broker, it makes sense for your Exclusive Buyer’s Broker to refer you to the top seller’s agents in your area, because they will all pay the finders fee (and remember, we give the fee to our Buyer-Clients)!  Of course, if you decide to hire someone else, or to try and sell the home on your own, that’s OK, too.

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