One of the largest benefits of being an Exclusive Buyer’s Broker in Columbus, OH is that I get to help home buyers from all over the metropolitan area search for and find the perfect place to live. Since Columbus is such a large city, there are several outlying communities and suburbs in close proximity to the area, each with their own distinguishing qualities. I always tell my Buyer-Clients that before you start looking at properties you have to nail down what neighborhood you want to live in first. Think about it: if you find the perfect home, but you are unhappy with the area that it’s in, will you EVER be completely happy living there? Probably not. That’s why before you jump the gun on looking at homes in the Columbus Metro area; you should choose which of the great neighborhoods you’d really want to call home.

Whether it’s Dublin, Upper Arlington, Bexley or any of the other communities in the area, you will likely find a town near Columbus, OH that fits your needs. Here are a few helpful tips that will ensure you find the perfect neighborhood:

Step 1: Profile your ideal neighborhood. Every community has characteristics that make it different from the ones surrounding them. Similarly, every home buyer has different needs or wants that they require for an ideal neighborhood. Before you start looking, write down the qualities that you absolutely need in a community. Base it upon what you and your family want for the future and what you need for the present. Ask yourself questions like, “Will I be commuting to a major city to work?” and “Will I be starting a family soon?” These might not seem like important issues for a home search, but they play a factor in where you should live and your overall happiness with your lifestyle. They’re questions that need to be considered.

Step 2: Hone in on the area that best fits your profile. Since you know what kind of neighborhood you want to be in, now is the time to connect with your Exclusive Buyer’s Agent in Columbus, OH and figure out which neighborhood in the area best fits that criterion. From there, focus on that neighborhood and start doing some research. Find out everything you can about that neighborhood and even pay it a visit and ask people who live there how they like it. The more you know early-on, the faster you will figure out whether or not that area is right for you.

Step 3: Compile as much information as possible. How are the schools in the area you’re interested in? What is the crime rate? What attractions and activities are in close proximity to the town? These are all questions that need to be asked before you begin your home search. You can’t ask your Exclusive Buyer’s Agent to answer questions about schools and what kind of people live in an area outright, as it is against Fair Housing Laws, but you can pay a visit to the town and ask people in the area what their thoughts are. You can also ask your agent for a school report and look up public statistics about your area of interest online.

Step 4: Piece the information that you’ve gathered together. After making a few initial visits to the area and doing research, you need to sit down and go over what you know to determine if this is really the right neighborhood for you. A place could look great on paper but upon visiting it, you realize that it wouldn’t be a good fit. Similarly, a place that you visited and loved could have schools that don’t quite make the grade. It’s important to think carefully about what you’ve found out about each neighborhood before choosing on the one you’re going to call home. Use your senses and go with your instincts.

Step 5: Start your home search! After weighing the options, you should have an idea of what area you’d like to live in, so you can then start narrowing down your home search accordingly. You’ll be a happier homeowner knowing that you’ve found just the right neighborhood!

As your Exclusive Buyer’s Broker for the metro Columbus area, I work solely with home buyers. My experience has shown that people experience more buyers’ remorse after closing if they don’t do a little bit of research on neighborhoods before starting to search. If you have any questions about the cities and towns in the Columbus Metro area, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’d be happy to give you information about each area. I hope to hear from you soon!

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